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New Product Release - Smart Pressure Sensitive Blackboard

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On November 15th, 2018, the Smart Pressure Sensitive Blackboard new product release conference was held in Shenzhen 20th China International Hi-Tech Fair. With the theme of “Building a clean teaching environment for the classroom”, Howeasy company officially released the smart pressure sensitive blackboard products to meet the higher demand for educational equipment in various schools.

Mr. He Yingjun, Chief Technology Officer of Howeasy company, introduced this new product and elaborated on various dimensions such as user needs, innovative design, new technology and new materials. Smart pressure sensitive blackboard provides a variety benefits of dust-free, environmentally friendly and intelligent writing solutions.

The "Smart Pressure Sensitive Blackboard" series presented at the conference will focus on "smart, health and environmental protection" as the core concept. It combines pressure sensing technology, flexible liquid crystal display technology and touch technology to become an educational equipment designed for smart classrooms.

By applying a flexible liquid crystal writing film on the blackboard panel, pressure sensitive writing or even finger writing is realized. The writing script is generated in the screen, and does not produce any ink and dust, which perfectly solves the dust pollution problem of the traditional blackboard. At the same time, the built-in electronic clear button on the blackboard can clear all the written content or partial content in one second. The built-in information scanning component of the blackboard border realizes real-time transmission, synchronization interaction, cloud storage, sharing funcitons between the blackboard and the multimedia display device.

The smart pressure sensitive blackboard is mainly used in ordinary classrooms, multimedia classrooms, lecture halls, computer classrooms, early education classrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, etc. The product can be perfectly combined with multimedia equipment such as classroom projectors, electronic whiteboards, and educational all-in-ones.

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