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Quality first, Howeasy Board company start ISO9001 quality system training

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In order to further improve the management level, build a quality system of benchmarking international. Howeasy Board Company officially launched ISO9001 quality system training today after being fully prepared. The training will last six months, will appoint a senior teacher of the ISO system for the company's full lecture.

The first training was conducted at the company's headquarters on September 6, 2018. The backbone of various departments participated in today's training. The training includes courses such as the history and changes of ISO9001, the composition of quality system standards, and the comparison and analysis of new and old versions.

The lecturer combined various cases, vividly explained the relevant key points, and contacted the actual situation of the company to teach, so that the students could have a deeper understanding of the system standards, and clarified the key points and improvement directions in the follow-up system work. , Establish a good public image that pays attention to product quality, assumes due social responsibility, and takes people as the foundation to provide protection.

We wish this training a complete success!

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