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New Products-70 Inch  Erase Part  LCD Blackboard

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On April 23, the 79th China Educational Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened at Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Howeasy Technology brought its latest Howeasy Board® LCD pressure-sensitive blackboard products to its full appearance, booth number A5025.

New product release: [Multifunctional] 70-inch LCD pressure sensitive blackboard
In order to better meet the writing needs of smart teaching and training, smart office and other application scenarios, Haoyishuo concentrated its efforts to successfully create two 70-inch new products, which will be displayed for the first time at this exhibition for the majority of educators, new and old customers to experience on-site. Compared with the old bureau erasing products, the new 70-inch LCD pressure sensitive blackboard has more highlights:

Larger: The writing area is more than 1.4 square meters, which can accommodate more blackboard content;

More beautiful: the proportion of appearance adopts ergonomic design,

the aesthetics is stronger, and the supporting all-in-one equipment is more flexible;

70 inch LCD pressure sensitive blackboard + 75 inch all-in-one

70-inch LCD pressure-sensitive splicing blackboard

Easier: One-click local storage, computer software can be used to export written information, support pdf and jpg format files.

Both new products are equipped with one-key erasing and partial erasing functions. The main application scenarios of the new product (model HYX700L02) are ordinary school classrooms, training rooms, etc., and can be used with single and multiple blocks or with an all-in-one machine. The main application scenarios of the new product (model HYX700B01) are offices, conference rooms, etc. of enterprises and institutions. It can be used as a single block or with an all-in-one machine, and the written content can be stored locally.

Special Exchange: Sharing of Educational Application Experience
Howeasy Board® LCD pressure sensitive blackboard series, no blue light, no radiation, no eye damage, no ink and dust, can seamlessly match the education all-in-one machine, and realize the ultimate environmentally friendly writing experience. It is currently in Guangdong, Beijing, Chongqing, and Fujian. , Guizhou, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces and cities schools and enterprises put into mass use.

Education professionals and customers from many provinces and cities watched and experienced new products at the Haoyishuo booth, and had in-depth exchanges with our staff on the technical standards, functional parameters and after-sales service of the LCD pressure-sensitive blackboard. There are some questions about the use and maintenance of products in actual projects, and our on-site professionals have answered and demonstrated on-site one by one. The people at the scene spoke highly of the LCD pressure-sensitive blackboard products, hoping that Haoyishuo could realize the finalization and mass production of 70-inch products as soon as possible, seize the spring breeze of information transformation, and work together to do a good job of serving wisdom education.

As the world's leading smart writing materials and equipment technology-based enterprise, Hoyixue Technology has always focused on deep cultivating liquid crystal pressure-sensitive blackboard products. We will work with our partners to provide assistance for educational informatization and intelligent transformation. We sincerely invite people from all walks of life to visit us. Visit our booth to negotiate !

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