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Solemnly Declare

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In order to promote the healthy development of human education and environmental protection, and maintain healthy competition in the flexible liquid crystal writing technology industry, our company has made a research statement in response to malicious speculation, malicious attacks and slanders on our products and markets by some peers since 2020 as follows:

1. Flexible LCD writing technology is a new type of writing technology that integrates multiple technologies. The core member of our R&D team is the inventor of this technology. Since 2013, we have been committed to technical research and achievement transformation for many years. LCD pressure sensitivity The blackboard is one of its application products.

2. Our company is a national high-tech enterprise and an intellectual property standard implementation enterprise focusing on flexible liquid crystal writing technology. It pays attention to and earnestly abides by the "Patent Law of the People's Republic of China", "The Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China" and other national intellectual property laws and regulations. After years of research and innovation, our company has completely independent intellectual property rights in the field of flexible liquid crystal writing technology, including: invention patent "polymer liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal handwriting display device and preparation method" "Large size liquid crystal writing film", "liquid crystal writing film circuit structure, liquid crystal writing film and its liquid crystal writing board", "membrane electrode structure ”, “LCD Blackboard System” and dozens of items, which did not involve infringement of the intellectual property rights of the relevant right parties.

3. As the pioneer of flexible liquid crystal writing technology, our R&D core team is committed to providing people with environmentally friendly and healthy writing products, and vigorously promotes liquid crystal pressure sensitive blackboard products around the world, hoping to benefit everyone. Since the 17th China (Shenzhen) International High-tech Achievements Fair in November 2015, LCD pressure sensitive blackboard products have been exhibited in hundreds of technologies and products around the world, including China Education Equipment Exhibition, Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Relevant industry players have also benefited from the promotion of such exhibitions at the Munich Electronics Show in Germany and the Japan Education Exhibition. In the above promotion process, our company made every effort to safeguard the legitimate rights of independent intellectual property rights. Based on solid original research data and patents, we have successively won lawsuits in response to the US Department of Commerce's 337 investigation and e-commerce platform infringement.

4. Our company firmly believes that any kind of technology is developed, and any innovation is worth looking forward to and encouraging. Our company has always hoped to join hands with colleagues in the industry to contribute to the cause of education and environmental protection, to compete virtuously on the common track and strengthen cooperation. But at the same time, our company is not afraid to face a few provocations. In response to their malicious behavior, our company will take all necessary measures to protect their legitimate rights.

Hereby declare!

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