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1、Overseas business specialist / Overseas businessmanager

Job Responsibilities:
1.Familiar with foreign trade process, skilled in operating e-commerce platform;
2.Developnew customers, expand overseas markets, and maintain good relationship with foreign customers;
3. Handle and respond to customer inquiries, and contact customers via email, online chatting tools, telephone, etc.;
4. Keep in touch with new and old customers, and understand customer needs.

1.1years or above of experience in foreign trade business related to LCDwriting board, gifts or stationery, capable of handling customer enquiries and business independently;
2. Be honest and trustworthy, have good team spirit, a strong sense of professionalism, and professional ethics;
3. Have patience, be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, strong ability to withstand pressure, satisfy different customer requirements, and provide good customer service;
4. Priority for the one who have own customer resource.
5. Salary is negotiable (basic salary + sales commission);

2、Amazon marketing specialist
Job Responsibilities:
1. Implement the online marketing plan of Amazon store according to the company's sales strategy;
2. Planning related promotion activities outside Amazon;
3. Have rich experience in improving reviewing of Amazon store;
4. Coordinatewith Amazon DOTD for event planning, and increase traffic from outside sites;
5. Off-site deal resources, cooperate with operations managerto do off-site deals;
6. Experienced in the field of toys or stationery.

1. College degree or above, with good English reading and writing and communication skills;
2. Over three years of experience in off-site promotion on Amazon; successful cases of planning large-scale off-site activities on Amazon;
3. Good communication skills (experience in studying abroad, media, or new media operation is preferred);
4. Familiar with the major Deals websites and internet celebrities in Europe or America, and have resources of internet celebrities;
5. Familiar with Amazon and have relevant resources;
6. Familiar with Amazon's rules and regulations;
7. Cheerful, careful, and responsible, with high professionalism and team spirit.

3、E-commerce operation manager
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for e-commerce platform channels such as JD.com, Tmall andTaobao. Implement operation and sales strategies based on brand and channel characteristics, and be responsible for the results;
2. Analyze the sales data, control the sales speed, and provide optimization solutions
3. Grasp the market trend, collect market information, and provide the team with better operating strategies.

1. At least two years’ experience in e-commerce operation, familiar with the rules of the JD, Tmalland Taobao platform and various activity skills;
2. Have excellent data analysis capabilities and good skill at solving problems. Andproficient in using data processing tools such as Excel;
3. Goodaesthetic ability, familiar with or passionate about smart technology products is preferred;
4. Good ability to resist stress and strong learning ability.

4、Sales Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for promoting of the company's products, develop new customers, have strong customer development capabilities, and be diligent;
2. Have a strong self-motivated spirit, have a positive attitude, ambitious, and have a good ability to resist pressure;
3. Complete the tasks assignedby thesupervisor in time.
4. Obey work arrangements, abide by the company rules, have a good team spirit, be pragmatic, have good work quality and work stability
5. Aspiring to be engaged in sales work, have a strong sense of self-management and the ability to work independently.

1. College degree or above, more than two years’ experience in sales related work;
2. Sales experience in offline channels, including toys, education, stationery, consumer electronics, KA stores, gifts and other physical channel development experience.

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