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In the era of intelligent technology blooming, various educational equipment accompanying teachers and students are innovating and applying cutting-edge technology to enrich product functions. At present, how to meet the functional requirements for efficient writing of educational equipment is particularly prominent, and is a research topic for a large number of educational equipment companies and equipment experts.

Howeasy Board (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is an important leader in writing technology research. The company has cooperated with well-known domestic universities and has acquired more than 40 core technologies, becoming the first national high-tech enterprise with completely independent intellectual property rights in the field of flexible LCD writing technology. Flexible liquid crystal writing is the core technology of Howeasy Board company. Its creative fusion of pressure sensing, liquid crystal display, electronics and other technologies, its technical characteristics include:

1. Environmentally friendly. Alternatives for paper, ink, chalk and other consumables, and can be rewritten more than 100,000 times.

2. No electricity is needed for writing, high brightness and high contrast, and the visible distance of writing handwriting of large-size products is more than 20 meters.

3. Smooth writing, high precision without delay, real-time transmission and induction of writing pressure, comparable to traditional pen and paper writing.

4. Display by reflecting natural light, no backlight, no glare, viewing angle 180 degrees.

5. One-click erasing or partial erasing, convenient and fast, low power consumption, no dust pollution and no chemical residue.

6. Synchronous transmission (or storage) of the written content, which can be displayed, shared and played back simultaneously.

The liquid crystal pressure-sensitive blackboard produced by Howeasy Board Company has achieved true dust-free environment for teachers and students. Combining with multimedia teaching system, it can provide a full range of real-time interactive teaching, fully replace the existing ordinary blackboards, chalk boards, and whiteboards, and solve the dust and chemical pollution problem. It can be directly matched with existing educational multimedia system, electronic whiteboards and other products to upgrade and improve classroom audio-visual equipment.

Howeasy Board Technology is a member of China Education Equipment Industry Association and other industry organizations. At present, We have cooperated with many well-known enterprises, and our products have been put into use in school classrooms, conference room, preschool classrooms and other places. Howeasy Board company warmly welcomes enterprises and professionals to visit, and jointly contribute to the wisdom education cause.

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