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Howeasy Board Exhibited New Products on the 21 China High-Tech Fair

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On November 13-17, 2019, the 21st China High-Tech Fair was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of “Building a Vibrant Bay Area and Working Together for Innovation”. The conference focused on cutting-edge technology and leading enterprises. Howeasy Board company attended the expo as the innovation leader in the field of writing technology.

Since the 20th century, blackboards have been indispensable for teaching activities. Because of the maturity of technology, the product has rarely changed. Until Howeasy board company brings the LCD pressure-sensitive blackboard to market, the education market wakes up to new technology for writing. At the expo, our company once again hit the market with the high-brightness LCD pressure-sensitive blackboard, which brings smarter, more environmentally friendly and more eye-friendly teaching equipment to users.

The new lcd blackboard exhibited this time has a big improvement in the writing contrast and partial erasing functions. The bright green writing line is visible in 30 meters. The newly developed partial erasing function adopts new technology to break through the size limitation of the products, accurately realizes the erasing control of 1 square centimeter, completely restores the writing habits of teachers' daily teaching. And it can match the multimedia teaching system better.

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